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Hi there 👋

I'm KP, a no-code maker, community builder, writer, and podcaster.

In 2018, when I began experimenting with building in public, I was practically a nobody in the tech/startup world. Stuck at a dead-end corporate job I was building no-code side-projects so I could build a bridge to the startup highway. But it was insanely hard to get feedback on my ideas, find collaborators or customers for my projects. I only had 414 Twitter followers so most of my tweets were me speaking into the void.

Then I realized my real goal can't be just building projects but instead invest in building an audience that would compound over time.

Here's the truth: In the creator economy, audience is an asset class.

And as a founder/creator, the fastest way to build an audience is by building in public.

Since you're doing the hard work and putting in the reps in your journey, you might as well "show your work" on Twitter and involve the community from day 1.

Ryan Hoover did this with Product Hunt.

Paul Yacoubian has been doing this with (check out my interview with him)

Alex Lieberman has been doing this at Morning Brew. (see my interview with him)

I’ve done my share of experiments with this during my career of building 10+ no code projects. In fact, I even got my current dream job at a high-growth startup because of building in public. See the full story here. It helped me land an interview with Gary Vee for my podcast. All in all, building in public allowed me to grow my audience from a mere 414 followers to 20,000 on Twitter and 5,000+ on email.

Needless to say, it has changed my life and expanded my luck surface area on the Internet.

So I decided to reflect, collect and condense my thoughts, learnings and experiments into a Swipe File. This swipe file is a raw collection of ideas, tips, real-life examples from actual practitioners of the build in public principles.

I hope this resource helps and guides you — but remember it’s not a textbook and won’t work if you don’t put in the work.

My publishing approach:

Instead of a traditional book, I'm experimenting with the "Swipe File". Why?

I asked myself .. what if there was a Notion resource that is not linear/rigid like a book but actually allows for iteration over time. Similar to SaaS, what if info products compounded over time? I am curious to try and learn with this resource.  

Inside you will find a collection of useful links, screenshots of tweets, and tools I have experimented with.

Who is this resource for?

  • founders who are ready to commit to building in public

  • builders, creators, and no-code makers already on the path of building in public but could use more inspiration and structure

  • people who've seen me execute various playbooks in public and want to learn from me

What about other channels like Youtube, TikTok etc?

I am bullish on building in public on Twitter. I can speak from my first-hand experience about its power and the tactics needed to execute well. I don't have many insights into TikTok or Youtube so I can't help there yet. I might launch resources for them in the future but for now, this is all about Twitter.

What you won’t find in this resource?

  • Quick hacks to get people into following you without giving value first

  • Shortcuts to building trust in a niche (because there are none!)

  • Strong opinions that I am unwilling to refine or reconsider, in fact, I’m writing this to be challenged, to learn, and be better

At the end of the day, remember this guide is a map. And the map is not the territory.

Praise from others: 

"KP is an expert on this. You'll be one too, very soon." -- Arvid Kahl

"This offering is going to be an incredible resource to anyone that values transparency and relationship building in their maker journey. Definitely take a look!" - Aaron Gopp

"A no-brainer pre-order. Thanks for teaching me (and so many others) so much of what you know." - Janel Loi


Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you don't like the content or the iterative experiment of building this resource, I'm happy to refund without any questions. No hard feelings :)


You can DM me on Twitter @thisiskp_

This product is not currently for sale.
  • Get lifetime access to the Build In Public Swipe File (that compounds over time)

  • Get lifetime access to the Build In Public Swipe File (that compounds over time)
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